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Q: Why should I outsource my studies?
A: You'll be able to free up internal resources, which will thereby increase productivity. This will also allow your sleep center to increase other services and utilize personnel more efficiently.

Q: Will outsourcing be too expensive for my lab?
A: Your lab will be able to cut costs-no workers compensation, no added personnel expense, and costly payroll tax. Our fees are much lower than the standard rates. Please contact us for more information regarding our rates.

Q: What qualifications do I look for when it comes to scoring outsourcing?
A: You should seek Registered Polysomnographic Technologists who oversee the scoring of the studies. These technologists have obtained the RPSGT status by successfully completing a nationally recognized board certification process. The studies scored should also fulfill the standards of the American Association of Sleep Medicine.

Q: How do we avail of your services?
A: Simply provide us information about your sleep center. Email your contact details to:


For ftp services, a username and password will be provided once you have registered with us.


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