N2Sleep Diagnostics, Inc.
N2Sleep Diagnostics, Inc. is a sleep laboratory that provides first-rate scoring services for hospitals and sleep centers.

By outsourcing scoring requirements, sleep centers can eliminate personnel and recruiting expenses as well as extra office space. The bottom line? Without these factors to take up your time and burden you financially, your company can ultimately focus on improving your organizational structure and performing more studies.

N2Sleep Diagnostics, Inc. offers low cost, fast turnaround time sleep scoring services that comply with the standards of the American Association of Sleep Medicine.

Due to our low overhead, N2Sleep Diagnostics can provide high quality, reliable, accurate, and fast scoring services that won't strain your company's finances. N2Sleep Diagnostics is committed to serving you at all times. Our scoring staff works around the clock-24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

By outsourcing your cases to N2Sleep Diagnostics, your company can avoid backlog of unscored sleep studies and spend less on personnel overhead, thereby increasing productivity and profitability from your lab. You won't need to train your staff on scoring and let them focus on monitoring your patients.

The best thing about N2Sleep Diagnostics is that your records are charged per study and not by the hour. Plus, when you open an account with us, you automatically get SIX (6) FREE STUDIES!


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