N2Sleep Diagnostics, Inc.
N2Sleep Inc.

Sensing the growth in health care professionals who are getting more involved in Sleep Disorders Medicine, the concept of N2Sleep was formed in the early 1990s to instill in young professionals' minds the basic needs of polysomnographic technology. N2Sleep Diagnostics, Inc. is an expansion of N2Sleep Inc.

Global Sleep Institute

The Global Sleep Institute is one of a small number of schools specializing in sleep medicine worldwide. It provides high-caliber education on sleep disorders medicine and promotes knowledge of this exciting, high-demand field. It spreads the word on sleep medicine and sleep education not only to sleep professionals but also to allied health care professionals and the general community.

The Global Sleep Institute focuses on providing introductory courses to Polysomnographic Technology and also offers scoring courses geared towards individuals already working in the field of sleep medicine. Courses are conducted at top hotels in different locations, providing a one-stop venue for attendees from all over the US.


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